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Coinvestee LTD is a legal company incorporated in the United Kingdom

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We are highly-experienced team with financial background and a strong cryptocurrencies awareness!


Coinvestee LTD is a legal company incorporated in the UK - it makes our company considered as a reliable partner specialized in the highly profitable bitcoin trading


Our experience taught us that nothing beats fast payments. Process of withdrawal start instantly after pressing the Withdrawal button. Waiting time is shorten to minimum. All earnings are credited 7 days a week, thus you can get yout money every day of the year, even holidays. The execution of payments is monitored and secured.


We take the security of our members' funds very serious. Our company has a highly secured and encrypted script, dedicated server and powerful DDoS protection. The execution of payments is monitored and secured. Members payment information is locked in and once submitted most of them cannot be changed.


We offer a wide variety of investment options to meet your needs, no matter what you investment amount is. We welcome all persons, offering a chance to make as much profit as you can. We have got the most qualified individuals handling our business possible, with the goal of making your money make money for you.


Our program is for those people who wish start investing stress-free and no-risk, and for those who value the benefits of high security. Our program is designed to please members who simply want to be part of a great community and receive the best support the market can offer. Joining our program requires small investment of $25 USD.

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we offer 4 investment schedules which were designed to match everyone's needs as much as possible. Which of these does it fit to you?

Our company guarantees that every invested amount of money you spend will be handled with the care that it deserves. Our packages are all inclusive and handle every single detail that might concern you about spending money. Our primary goal is ensuring that you are completely appeased with the myriad of services that you receive.


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Take time to contact our customer service officers who will explain every detail to your content. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the investments that we make with your money. Our investment packages are easy to understand with no strings attached. They are straightforward and provide a huge variety of elements to support your trades, with stable hourly profits that you can trust will work for you.


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